This synthesis report draws together findings from a DFID research project investigating infrastructure development in Fragile and Conflict Affected States (FCAS). The research seeks to draw both from the literature and from recent experience to formulate advice to DFID and other donors on applying practical approaches for adapting infrastructure programming to stabilisation and economic development objectives in FCAS. The primary audience is DFID advisers and programme managers; however, the findings are also expected to be of interest to other donors and sector stakeholders.

The report provides high level recommendations for infrastructure development in fragile and post-conflict states building on advice from three cases studies, which are annexed. Two case studies focus on country assessments – Somalia and Afghanistan. A third sectoral study looks at lessons from urban water supply and sanitation programmes in FCAS.

For access to this report, all three case studies and the annotated bibliography, please see: Delivering Inclusive Growth Through Infrastructure Programming in FCAS.