The ICED Facility was a demand-led, flexible facility which supported DFID country offices, central teams and ODA-spending Other Government Departments to deliver DFID’s Economic Development Strategy by scaling up programming and investment in infrastructure and cities. It operated between 1 February 2016 and 31 July 2019.

The ICED Facility was organised into six integrated portfolios, covering key themes within Urban and Infrastructure programming. These portfolios were:

Key achievements of the ICED Facility included:

  • 10 new business cases amounting to £902 million in new infrastructure and/or urban programming, of which £320 million is being delivered or in the process of procurement by Facility closure
  • 41 scoping studies to design new or redesign existing programmes
  • The design and adoption of ICED Facility developed tools and approaches by 30+ development programmes
  • Mainstreaming of Gender, Disability & Inclusion and Climate & Environment frameworks and practical entry points developed and applied to all ICED work packages
  • Technical support to 36 discrete clients over its lifetime, including DFID central teams, country offices, and Other UK Government Departments.

The ICED Facility was managed by PwC and drew on expertise from an alliance which included Arup, Adam Smith International, Engineers Against Poverty, the International Institute for Environment and Development, MDY Legal and Social Development Direct.