Economic Growth Linkages Bibliography

In 2016 ICED undertook an extensive review of evidence available to support linkages between infrastructure delivery, support for improved urban productivity, and economic growth. The review was undertaken in order to provide a valuable resource for donors designing programmes or interventions. A series of papers then analysed this evidence presenting a theory of change from […]

Case: Securing Political Commitment to Programming

DFID’s recent Inclusive Growth Diagnostics highlighted that in many DFID priority countries energy is a key constraint to economic growth. Energy reform is highly political, and any attempts to support sector reform without an understanding of the domestic and international political landscape are likely to fail. This case study seeks to draw out key success […]

Approaches: The Facility Model

Traditionally, donor programmes have been established using a simple formula, whereby SPs estimate the total overhead for a programme through tender, against a fixed set of inputs and workplan. In these programmes, clients need to wait months or years before assistance is deployed due to procurement procedures, by which time resource allocation, costs, and plans […]