There is an urgent need to address development challenges related to urbanisation in Africa. While rapid urbanisation has been linked to steady economic growth and development in many countries around the world, such as in Southeast Asia, African cities are increasingly experiencing the proliferation of slums and urban poverty, and rising inequality.

The rationale for DFID assistance and intervention is both clear and overwhelming. With the right approaches and tools, the programme assistance provided by the UK Government and other development partners to African counterparts will help realise important and necessary urban development goals.

The Urban Handbook is aimed at DFID Advisors, Programme Managers and staff who are involved in designing, managing and evaluating DFID’s programming interventions across all sectors relating to sustainable urban development. The Handbook provides practical guidance on a broad range of urban programme sectors, such as inclusive economic development and urban resilience. It also provides guidance to DFID staff who are planning to implement programmes in areas such as health and humanitarian interventions in an urban context, where the dynamics and multiple programme considerations are very different to rural settings.

A quick read guide of the handbook is available here.