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For street vendors, finding water and toilets isn’t just a nuisance, it’s cutting into earnings

The daily grind of street vendors comes with a host of obvious business challenges: sourcing and preparing goods to sell; attracting a steady stream of customers; and generating enough take-home pay to survive. It’s a hustle, and one that these roadside entrepreneurs know well. But the hustle only goes so far. Conducting their livelihoods in […]

Revealing and strengthening the links between WASH, productivity, and well-being for informal vendors in South Africa and Kenya

(Note: A report on from the validation of findings workshop from this study can be viewed here.) Background Limited Recognition of Workplace Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) for Informal Labourers Past WASH research typically focuses on residents’ access, including yard taps or public toilets, but these studies usually overlook the vital need for WASH in […]

Enabling private investment in informal settlements: Exploring the potential of community finance

In this paper, we explore the potential of community finance to enable private investment in informal settlements of Asia and Africa. Community finance refers to the savings and collective capacity of residents of low-income communities, working together. Community finance is founded on women-led savings groups within informal settlements, which are formed among neighbours who are […]