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ICED Closure Event: Summary Proceedings

As the ICED Facility draws to a close on 31 July 2019, the ICED Facility co-hosted a closure event with DFID on 17 July, which convened key stakeholders including DFID and ICED Facility management and technical teams and clients to discuss the Facility’s outcomes, and key lessons learnt from its operation between 2016-2019. This document […]

The future of DFID’s Infrastructure Technical Assistance Programmes

Technical Assistance can increase the capacity of governments to manage their national infrastructure and improve service delivery.  Clear lessons can be drawn from existing DFID programmes to better structure future programmes and significantly improve outcomes. State involvement is necessary for planning, procurement and delivery across the vast majority of infrastructure services. In the coming years, […]

What can be learnt from Dakar’s failed attempt to launch a municipal bond?

In 2015, Senegal’s central government blocked Dakar’s first municipal bond launch; a pioneering transaction supported by the World Bank. ICED considered what happened as part of an evidence review to inform DFID’s new Cities and Infrastructure for Growth programme (CIG) and identified three key lessons for technical programming .